Web development you’ll love.

Some people don’t know that when you’re hiring a web developer, you can get anything from an art-minded graphic designer to a logic-minded programmer. I span both sides. :)

I have the skill set of a startup founder, everything you need for web+mobile presence for a small or startup business: from the technical [full stack custom programming & hosting, things that need to function well] to creative [design, copy, strategy, and thinking outside the box – things that need to express & convert].

It’s a really efficient + fun way to work! It means we can dive right in and get started, and enjoy creating something fabulous together, right from the start.

I have a passion for helping you love what you do. I get to know your work, and I apply my expertise accordingly – so you can focus on what you enjoy. This is all about you.

So tell me…

What idea has you bouncing?

Oh, the places we’ll go!

Hire me to:

  • Design & develop your first site
    from small business to mid-sized organization
  • Redesign your site or app
    to better fit your vision & improve usability + sales
  • Create a new custom app
    iOS + Android on mobile, or responsive web
  • Make WordPress sing
    Build a plugin, widget or theme, for you or for sale
  • Implement your vision
    For designers – projects that are ready to develop!

Some examples of past projects I’ve developed are:

If you can dream it, we can do it!

Get Started

OMG, what an exhilarating meeting with Katie, my web developer. If you’re looking for an awesome web designer, talk to Katie. She’s got the tech & design skills, plus she understands the business side of things. And she’s globally-minded and just plain fun to talk with!

– Cate Brubaker, Small Planet Studio

Katie has the ability to understand my vision and communicate in an easy to understand manner how she intends to help me achieve my goals. I truly believe she is a rare find. Not just capable and customer-friendly, but a tremendous collaborative partner as well.

– Jason Ast, Royal Oaks Homes

checklist for magic-making:

  • We rock collaboration.
    You enjoy individualized flexibility and interactivity that allows space for ideas to develop.
  • We prioritize investment.
    We develop a quality product that you’ll love in the long term. Clean + focused is more.
  • We take the time it takes…
    The just-right result is more important to you than ‘have it done yesterday’ turnaround.
  • …Yet you can’t wait to start!
    I do my best work when you’re passionate & raring to roll – enthusiasm is contagious!

pricing & availability

Your project is one-of-a-kind. I work with you to determine a budget and timeline that fits your project and your needs. Looking for a ballpark? Tell me about your project here, & I’ll send you my thoughts to help you plan! Connecting over creative ideas is fun. :)

I’m currently scheduling new projects that start in April 2016.

let’s connect:

If you prefer email, I’m katie@yellowrubberball.com. I look forward to hearing about your project!

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