Meet Katie


Hi There!

I’m Katie. I’m a full-stack web developer, based in Durham, North Carolina. I work out of Bull City Coworking.

What I Do

I build websites, web apps, and phone apps! I do everything your coding project needs, including design and user interface. I’m a great person to go to to have a whole web or phone-based project done completely and efficiently. I have a knack for knowing what you need, understanding all technical aspects of it from hosting to code, and executing.

I’m a great person to come to for:

In a nutshell, I have the skillset to build anything on the web, including anything on WordPress. I typically don’t do general graphic design work (i.e., print flyers and complex logos). I’m happy to refer you to someone who does!

Have a project in mind? I’d love to connect with you and help your business grow! Connect with me on your favorite network using the links at the top.