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My specialty is WordPress and BuddyPress development. When it comes to projects for good, I shine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With WordPress, will my site look like a blog (or “look like WordPress”)?

Nope! Many WordPress blogs "look like WordPress" because they're using free templates that you see everywhere on blogs. I build custom themes, so your site can look however you'd like it to!

What does it cost to build a website with you?

Web development costs vary tremendously based on features, design costs, etc. A typical informational site - that is, a site displaying information, without special functionality - is usually around $2000. I can sometimes offer a lower rate - $500 or possibly less - for setting up a WordPress site and basic needs, and having you install your own (not-custom) theme and plugins. Charitable organizations: please contact me! I'm more than happy to build something that fits in your budget.

What’s the story of Yellow Rubber Ball?

I picked 'Yellow Rubber Ball' because I wanted a name that conveyed my energy and enthusiasm, more than the type of the business. I wanted a name that would grow with me, and yet always be something I'd identify with. I'm a bouncy, energetic kinda gal - people call me "Tigger". :) I'm interested in a zillion things, many of which pop up into my business. Because the name describes me, and not what I do, it works well for my other ventures - Zumba instruction, photography, web apps and service-oriented projects. There's also a more obscure side to the story. I started this business when I was still in grad school, finishing up a master's in math at the University of North Carolina. I had done my first year as a full PhD student, sweating through about the most intense work I've ever done, while taking computer science classes and doing computer science research on the side of an already very full load (I'd by this point realized that I loved programming). I'd just discovered web development, and found it to be the perfect mix of my interests - programming and design. When I listened to the song, Red Rubber Ball, I thought of my new career - web development - as the new "starfish in the sea" from the song, or the hope of the red rubber ball (the shining morning sun). I've always intensely identified with the color yellow, and so to pair this concept with the bounciness and energy of a bouncy ball was perfect - Yellow Rubber Ball. :)

Why use WordPress? What’s the difference between a WordPress site and a regular site?

WordPress is a content management system - a system that allows you to update and maintain your own content, without needing to know how to program. With a content management system, you can add, remove, and change your own pages and entries in your blog. With a regular hand-coded site, you have to know HTML to add a page. WordPress is currently the most popular content management system. It's open source, which means you have all the code, and you're free to change it. It's free of charge. With literally millions of people around the world using it - 22% of all new websites use WordPress - it's really easy to find tutorials, plugins, and themes for your site - basically, free stuff to make your site much better. :)  

What is BuddyPress?

BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin that turns your site into a Facebook-like social network. Install it with a BuddyPress-enabled theme (I can help with that part!), and your users will have a profile, groups, and forums. It's pretty awesome. :)

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