As a small business owner myself, I understand the need to be cost-conscious. I help you refine your offering to its minimum viable product, factoring in your priorities and long-term vision. I envision the most efficient solution that has plenty of room to grow and iterate. Finally, I provide all services related to building and maintaining your software.


I'm a full stack web developer. I personally develop your app from start to finish using a software solution that's most appropriate for your goals. That might be something off the shelf, completely custom, or somewhere in between. Since I don't outsource development, development is extremely efficient.

Technologies I often use include Javascript, Vue, PHP, Python, Laravel, WordPress, Cordova, Nginx / LEMP server administration.

Data Assets

On marketing sites, "content is king". For web apps, often, "data is king". For instance, a calorie counting web app needs a database of common foods and their nutrition information. My remote data team can build this database for you. They can also provide research to help you with customer interactions and content for your marketing and outreach. The work is quick, efficient, and transparent, and saves you valuable time.


I'm a resource for any part of your offering: UX, the marketing site, social media, logo, etc. I'll either connect you with the right person to help, or get what you need done myself.

When it comes to design, I'm fully flexible -- you can provide ideas or resources yourself, or I'll help you get them. My goal is to meet you where you are, and provide what you need.

Ongoing Support

I both build and support apps on an ongoing basis. I really enjoy getting to know you and your business, and working with you one-on-one over years.


I'm Katie Benedetto Jones

Hi! It's good to "meet" you here! Except wait, I haven't exactly met you yet - so after reading about me, please introduce yourself!

Here's a bit about me: I'm a former mathie from UNC (MS) and William & Mary (BS). In 2009, I found my passion in web development and entrepreneurship. I absolutely love braining on new businesses and making them come to life.

My own little online lovechild is a self-coaching app called Critter. I also draw and Trashercise. My husband, Andy, is also a web developer and entrepreneur, and sometimes joins in on projects. We have two young daughters and enjoy games, good food, and creating things of all kinds. We live and work in our beloved Durham, North Carolina (go Bulls!). The other half of my heart hangs out in the mountains of East Tennessee (love my Johnson City + Watauga Lake!), where I grew up and we now like to play.

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