Dale Davidson, The Ancient Wisdom Project

Earlier this year, I was having trouble figuring out who to reach out to for a website redesign project for my site, The Ancient Wisdom Project. For a previous project, I tried to outsource the development and design of a website overseas and it was a disaster. This made me a bit nervous about looking for a web designer for this project.

There were a few particular traits I looked for in a web designer:

  1. The ability to take a vague design concept and turn it into something concrete – I have zero design skills so this was important to me. While I know what I like when I see it, I don’t know exactly what to tell a designer to make sure that vision gets executed.
  2. Flexibility – Many web design firms limit the number of revisions their clients are able to order. While this is a smart move, it also makes the relationship more complicated and end in a lower quality site for the sake of minimizing revisions.
  3. The ability to have their own ideas, even outside of design – Being able to understand the bigger picture of what I was trying to do allows for creative solutions that I wouldn’t have thought of. For a designer to be able to do this is gold.
  4. I asked a few friends if they knew anyone that met these criteria and one of them referred me to Katie.

I’m so glad they did.

Katie met all three of the criteria above.

Here’s how the project unfolded:

  1. We set up an initial consult where I explained what I was looking for and Katie asked a bunch of smart questions about what I wanted and why I wanted.
  2. We agreed on a price and set a project timeline.
  3. Over the next few months, we chatted over Skype every two weeks or so to review website progress. Katie had many excellent ideas that we ended up implementing, both on the design-side of things and the bigger structure/content-flow side. For example, if you navigate to my home page on The Ancient Wisdom Project, you’ll see the silhouetted figures with a short description next to them. Katie initially had the brilliant idea to do a graphic with an “evolution” theme. This evolved into what you see now, which many people have complimented me on. This is the type of creativity I was looking for in a designer.
  4. We launched!

Sometimes when you work with service provider or a vendor, you dread the next phone call because you know it will be unpleasant, like going to get your car repaired knowing that you’ll get ripped off because you just don’t know enough about cars.

Working with Katie was the exact opposite of that. I really looked forward to our calls to discuss the projects because she always had excellent ideas, did what she said would do in the previous call, and could explain her thinking behind her choices. In fact, I was tempted to delay the launch just so I would have an excuse to keep having these calls!

If you have the opportunity to work with Katie, I would absolutely jump on it. If you’re still not convinced, feel free to reach out to me via my site and I can provide more information. It’ll be an easy sell since I will just tell you the truth about why she is excellent.

Thank you Katie!

Dale Davidson, The Ancient Wisdom Project